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Gentle Yoga

Every Thursday 


Power Yoga

1 & 3rd Saturdays of the Month 


Have you ever felt like you were rushing through life or operating on a more unconscious level, unaware of what thoughts and feelings were motivating you from moment to moment?

For most of us, at some point or another, the answer is “YES”. Sometimes we might even suddenly stop and ask ourselves, “Why did I do that?," “How did I get here?,“ or simply “Where has the time gone?”

In a flow (or vinyasa as it is called in Sanskrit) style of yoga the breath serves as a link between the body and mind and allows us to stay focused, calm, and aware as we move in and out of the yoga poses. We are encouraged to slow down and to bring our heart-felt intentions into our movements by linking these intentions to our breath and always making sure that the breath is moving freely and smoothly as we practice.  

Come join certified Yoga instructor Hillary Citrano in this Christ-honoring experience that offers an opportunity to connect to God through meditation, prayer and wellness.  

Ageless Yoga/Gentle Chair Flow is offered Thursday morning from 8:15 am- 9:15 am in the Christian Education Building.

Power Yoga Vinyasa Flow Levels 1 and 11 are offered the first and third Saturday mornings from 9:00am-10:00 am in the attic.

Bring your mat, water and heart!

Love donations are appreciated but not necessary. 100% of the funds go towards supporting our youth ministry here at All Saints.

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