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                                                                                     The Vestry is the governing and decision-making body                                                                                 of All Saints church. It is responsible to the members                                                                                   of the parish for the administration and governance of                                                                                 the parish and for the care and maintenance of our                                                                                       facilities.



At the All Saints annual meeting (held one week after the Diocese of Florida Convention) new members are selected by drawing to replace outgoing Vestry members, usually to serve a three-year term.  Former vestry members who have been out of office for at least one year are eligible to be considered again for a position on the Vestry.

The Vestry is charged with calling a Call Committee to search for a Rector or asking the Bishop to appoint a priest-in-charge to serve the parish, approving the Call Committee’s new rector nominee, preparing the budgets and expenditures, and with making policies and procedures for the good order of the parish.


The current Vestry Officers are:
    Senior Warden:             Rick Alexander
    Junior Warden:             Robert Beach  
    Clerk of the Vestr
y:     Malisa Wetmore
    Treasurer:                       Pat Dussinger (ex-officio, non-voting member)

     Vestry Class of 2023
          Rick Alexander (   Marc Thalleen (                     
     Vestry Class of 2024
         Laura Beran (  

     Vestry Class of 2025
         Ashlyn Curran  (    Daniel Dever (   Robert Beach (


     Vestry Class of 2026

        Malisa Wetmore (    Carol Hollen (  Garry Bragg (

To reach any of the vestry members you may call the Church at 904-737-8488 and leave a message for them.  We do not publish home telephone numbers for anyone on our staff.  Vestry members can also be reached by email.

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