Adult Sunday Christian Formation Classes

9:30 - 10:10am in the Parish Hall

Each Sunday morning, following breakfast!

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Ascending Benedict's Twelve Steps of Humility

Sundays in Lent

Throughout the Sundays of the season of Lent, Fr. Donavan will be leading us through the twelve steps of humility found in Chapter 7 of the 6th century Rule of St. Benedict. The class will focus on the central important action of humility for being both a monk and a  Christian, following, as St. Benedict says, the ladder of ascent, leading the Christian towards the "exaltation of heaven." 

St. Benedict does a great job instilling his Rule with passages from throughout the Bible, and he includes Holy Scripture in each step towards humility. Join Fr. Donavan for the Sundays in Lent as he breaks down each  passage and each of the twelve steps to discuss the continued need for humility in our lives today as Christians.  



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